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Bonding Metals Prior To Powder Coating Innova Solutions have now added a High Temperature foamed acrylic tape and a High Temperature Adhesive to their ever expanding range of products. Both products will securely and reliably bond metals prior to the powder coat process, thus eliminating the need to abrade and bond 5th April 2016 Plastic Welding Range NovaSol These unique adhesives are dichloromethane-free acrylic glues, which fuses plastic surfaces together as it dries. It creates a strong, long lasting bond, that’s ideal for bonding cast acrylics, due to its clear formulation. These adhesives are perfect for edge bonding and butt joints. Formulated 23rd March 2016 New Cleaning and Priming Options The importance of cleaning and priming surfaces cannot be stated enough to assure the best results using NovaBond High Strength Bonding Tapes. Bond strength can be increased by as much as 30% by increasing the area of surface contact in stripping away any oil, grease or any other contaminants that 16th February 2016 How much adhesive will I use? In our last ‘tech blog’ we considered ‘how much tape do I need’ when using our NovaBond High Strength Bonding tapes. Similarly, the same question is asked of ‘liquid adhesives’ to our Technical Support team, so we have added a quick look up guide to how 23rd September 2015 Glass can be a problematic surface to bond Glass can be a problematic surface to bond, being very flat and smooth. In its normal state, glass is not porous, however under certain chemical conditions glass can be attacked by acidic substances rendering the surface porous. Additionally, impurities and moisture can be trapped in the fine surface pores, 13th September 2015 How much tape do I need? We often get asked “How much tape do I need for a given weight of material?” As a general rule, and we cannot be specific for every substrate, 60 cm² per Kg of weight, for example, an area of tape (80mm x 75mm), when applied correctly 9th September 2015 Low Surface Energy Materials Low Surface Energy Materials Materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene are low surface energy plastics. When you apply adhesives and adhesive tapes to them the surface resists. Instead of letting the adhesive spread and grip (a process known as ‘wetting out’), the substrate acts like 1st September 2015 REACH & RoHS compliance As part of Innova Solutions commitment to the environment we continuously work on improving the environmental performance of our products. In recent years the focus of our environmental programme has been focused on chemicals management and the recyclability of our products. As such we work 18th August 2015 Picking the Right Tape for the Job? Picking the right tape for the job? The NovaBond SignFix range is a high performance family of bonding tapes formulated and developed specifically for the demanding needs of the Sign Industry, although, by their nature, they are versatile enough to perform under most application criteria. Independently 13th August 2015
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