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How much tape do I need?

We often get asked “How much tape do I need for a given weight of material?”

NovaBond tapes are visco-elastic by nature and good at withstanding and absorbing shock loads. However their strength and rigidity is a function of the rate at which they are stressed, meaning that they tend to react stronger and with more resistance under relatively faster rates of stress load (dynamic stress forces) and tend to demonstrate greater creep tendencies with static loads over longer periods of time.

As a general rule, and we cannot be specific for every substrate, 60 cm² per Kg of weight  e.g. an area of tape (eg 80mm x 75mm), when applied correctly and allowed to attain ultimate bond strength, should be used to support each Kg of weight without excessive creep.

Under shorter term static shear and dynamic shear forces, we have demonstrated that a 6.25 cm² area of tape (eg 25mm x 25mm), properly applied and at ultimate bond strength, will hold a 1 Kg weight. Because of the points a fore mentioned, however, regarding long term static loads and their effect on creep, we would always suggest building in safety margins to accommodate and allow for any detrimental movement over time.

It is important to recognise the forces that will be acting upon the tape in service. For shear applications, always try, wherever possible, to apply the tape in the ‘shear direction’ ie. The strips should be applied with the length vertically so as to resist the shear force or tendency to creep.

As a general rule-of-thumb guide, when using 25mm wide tape, we would recommend a minimum length of tape of 240mm per Kg of weight. (see table below)

For shear applications such as mounting signs vertically to structures or walls, the flatter the panel and the more flush the fit to the wall, the more the shear force is acting on the panel. In this instance we would recommend applying the tape down both vertical edges and for wider panels and signs, one strip vertically down the centre or spaced at equidistant centres accommodating the width of the panel.

The more 3-dimensional the sign or panel, the more susceptible it will be to a low-angle peel force. In order to resist this action on the sign, apply tape around the perimeter and then strips vertically equidistant across the panel width. This application pattern may also prove beneficial in outdoor applications to seal the perimeter against the weather, especially to improve aesthetics

Points to consider

  • Nature of the two surfaces to be bonded
  • Smoothness and cleanliness of the two surfaces
  • Ambient conditions
  • The force that can be applied to achieve wet-out of the tape and form a bond
  • Is the bond to be subjected to immediate  load/shear  force?
  • Can the bond formed without having to place under load for approximately 24 hours?
    • this would reduce the amount of tape required for a given weight

Guideline usage 

Tape width (mm)Recommended amount of tape in metres to support a given weight based on 60 cm² tape per Kg of weight

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