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Cost benefits of Photoluminescent SWGS

Photoluminescent SWGS: more safety for low outlay

A permanent electrical power supply SWGS needs regular maintenance, whereas a Photoluminescent SWGS offers cost benefits being a complimentary system to your existing emergency lighting where the running costs are zero.

A permanent electrical power supply, backup systems needs regular maintenance.

  • Photoluminescent materials are simple to install. Choose glow in the dark safety signage and you don’t incur any specialist electrical installation costs.
  • Photoluminescent signs require no replacement parts or ongoing specialist maintenance other than regular cleaning.
  • Glow in the dark signs have no moving parts or power supply. There are no components to break and replace. This increases their reliability and reduces repair costs.
  • Photoluminescent exit signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive. Should you ever need to dispose of them, you can simply put them in the nearest recycling bin.

Choose photoluminescent safety signage and improve safety while keeping costs low. In the UK, the only official stockist of Jessup Glo-Brite® advanced photoluminescent products is Innova Solutions.

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Innova Solutions Photoluminescents: A brighter approach to glow in the dark safety

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