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Products - Bonding Tapes

NovaBond SG 80 NovaBond SignFix Crystal HT25 Low surface energy pressure sensitive tape NovaBond SignFix LSE 110B NovaBond SignFix LSE 80 NovaBond SignFix OP 110G NovaBond SignFix XS 100C NovaBond SignFix XS 110G NovaBond SignFix XS110 HT NovaBond XS 110B NovaBond XS 110W NovaBond XS 64W

Find the double sided bonding adhesives for your application with NovaBond Range. The right high strength bonding tape for your application – no compromises. A range of aesthetically pleasing, durable high strength bonding tapes, specifically manufactured for the secure, reliable bonding of a range of substrates including metals, glass, industrial plastics and composite materials.

Our cutting edge range of NovaBond eco-friendly, solvent free tapes have been trusted for over 10 years by industry to constantly deliver benefits such as improved aesthetics, flexibility to use lighter, thinner materials, adhesion to difficult to bond to, low surface energy substrates and bonding dissimilar materials whilst allowing for differential thermal expansion.

Choose your adhesive double sided tapes:

  • High strength adhesive bonding tapes: Environmentally friendly, solvent-free adhesive bonding tapes specially formulated for sign makers.
  • High performance, double sided adhesive bonding tapes: A better finish and long term performance at higher temperatures and on irregular surfaces.
  • High shear adhesive tapes: Resist impact, withstand elevated heat and stay strong against the elements.
  • Banner tapes: High strength bonding from double-sided, flexible vinyl banner tapes.
  • Foam tapes: Adhesive bonding with a vibration, noise and gap-free finish.

We are also able to offer bespoke packaging options to suit customers’ specific requirements,

Need help finding the right tape for your application?

Please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.

Innova Solutions: bonding people, fixing problems: +44 (0)1282 867 390

bonding people, fixing problems