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Products - Structural Adhesives

NovaLite SignFix 10 NovaLite SignFix 9LV NovaSeal SignFix 2 NovaSeal UltraBond NovaSol 12000 NC NovaSol 7000 NC NovaTac 120 NovaWeld Flex HTFC & HT NovaWeld Sign Fix 5 NovaWeld SignFix 11 NovaWeld SignFix 12 NovaWeld SignFix 33 NovaWeld SignFix 7 NovaWeld SignFix 8 NovaWeld SignFix18

Choose adhesives from NovaBond Range. A range of high quality adhesives giving incredible bond strength across a wide range of substrates. Formulated from cutting edge technologies by our manufacturing chemists, allowing us to produce products to customers exacting criteria in terms of viscosity, cure speed and colour.

Across a wide range of materials and environments, our structural adhesives create longer lasting bonds. Powerful bonding with a versatility that makes production faster, easier and delivers a great finished result with durability in the most demanding conditions.

Choose your adhesive:

  • Plastic weld glues: NovaWeld range of structural 2 part methacrylates are single or dual component plastic to plastic adhesives, dichloromethane free and primarily designed for bonding cast and extruded acrylic sheet.
  • Adhesive sealants: Interior and exterior use. Our NovaSeal range is both UV and weather resistant. Even capable of bonding on damp surfaces.
  • Laminating adhesives: NovaLite visible, white light or UV curing adhesives cure in seconds under white light, giving a strong, clear, bubble-free finish.
  • Threadlockers: NovaEco anaerobic adhesives cure in the absence of oxygen promoting bonds with a high shear strength between the nut and a bolt on a threaded assembly

We are also able to offer bespoke packaging options to suit customers’ specific requirements,

Need help finding the right adhesive for your application?

Please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.

Innova Solutions: bonding people, fixing problems: +44 (0)1282 867 390

bonding people, fixing problems