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Corporate Responsibility

It seemed obvious really. Local communities on our doorstep. A pool of people eager for work. And a certain tapes and adhesives company keen to build its community ties and keep its carbon footprint low. Is it possible to expand responsibly? Well, yes, actually…

For us, being socially responsible isn’t about the big, world changing things that are difficult to envision. It’s about the things we do that affect the lives and land right outside our door.

The people who work here stay because it’s a good team doing good things for good customers. So when we recruit, we know they’ll be here for a while. And that got us thinking.

If we recruit locally then we know our people understand the area. They don’t consume gallons of fuel getting here. The money they earn goes straight back into their own community. And in a rural area that tends to feel the brunt of any economic upheaval, we’re helping – even if only a little bit.

Our latest recruits are local. Later this year we’ll be expanding our apprenticeship programme – and they’ll be local too. At Innova Solutions, corporate social responsibility is more than something we do. It’s who we are.

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