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Photoluminescent Classification

The PSPA established and maintains recognised industry standards for photoluminescent classification of safety products used in safety way guidance systems. Performance is split across 4 classes and graded on a photoluminescent’s luminosity (ie the amount of light it emits) and the duration over which it remains effective.

Glo-Brite® photoluminescents from Innova Solutions and your glow in the dark safety egress materials will meet or exceed PSPA photoluminescent classification standards.

Photoluminescent Classification:

  • Class A – Cost effective photoluminescence.
  • Class B – High performance in bright lighting conditions.
  • Class C – High performance under low lighting conditions.
  • Class D – Very high initial performance, with photoluminescence remaining good for up 60 minutes.

*The PSPA now recommends Class B as a minimum requirement for effective use in safety way guidance systems. At Innova Solutions, every photoluminescent vinyl, board and laminate we sell meets or exceeds those requirements. Specific performance ratings are as follows:

Photoluminescent Classification

PSPA performance classification

Tested to DIN67510 pt 1 

Photoluminescent Classification

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