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Dichloromethane Free Laminating Adhesives

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Dichloromethane Free Laminating Adhesives are traditionally used as methods of welding or laminating plastics.

These types of products have carried documented health risks, therefore seeking to reduce these plus associated environmental impacts we have launched NovaLite SignFix10, a range of dichloromethane and phthalate free laminating adhesives.

Without compromise to product quality or aesthetics, NovaLite SignFix10 is a single part adhesive that appears and acts like water, but cures in seconds to an invisible bond on exposure to white or UV light.

Remaining fluid until the application of a pre-determined intensity of light, this permits virtually unlimited re-positioning time and a rapid cure on demand. Visual clarity is exceptional.


  • Clear to Clear Polycarbonate Signage and Point of Sale
  • Laminating clear sheets and flat shapes
  • Exterior applications (seal edges of the bond line with NovaSeal SignFix 2 Clear)
  • Clear to Metal


  • Repositionable prior to curing
  • Rapid cure on demand
  • Clear invisible bonds
  • Single part adhesive
  • Increased throughput
  • Stable externally, even in high humidity conditions
  • Solvent free


Novalite SignFix 10 cures by the passage of natural light through at least one of the substrates, producing a bond in minutes.

The lamination can then be machined and flame polished as desired in the sequence shown below…..

novalite 1

Apply direct from the 250ml squeezable bottle using the fine nozzle attached. When squeezing the bottle, exert a gentle, consistent pressure to prevent air bubbles forming within the laminating adhesive.

NovLiteSF10 2

Cover approximately 50% of the surface area using a slow, consistent motion. Draw the pool of adhesive out to the edges of the surface area ensuring the entire surface is covered. It’s better to over-apply the adhesive than under-apply and leave air bubbles to appear once the top surface is added.

NovLiteSF10 3

Float the top surface onto the laminating adhesive and apply moderate pressure.

NovLiteSF10 4

Don’t worry about any excess adhesive leaking out – it’s the only way to guarantee complete elimination of air bubbles.

NovLiteSF10 5

Expose the transparent surface to white light (natural or artificial) or UV light. Ideally, use a lightbox to avoid any risk in moving the pieces. The adhesive will cure in seconds, taking slightly longer on thicker materials or coloured or frosted finishes.

NovLiteSF10 6

Machine finish the edges to suit

NovLiteSF10 7

Flame polish the edges to a smooth gloss finish

NovLiteSF10 8


Link to our video demonstration


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