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Cleaning & Priming – adhesives

Cleaning & Priming – adhesives

Bonding surfaces are often covered with dust, dirt, grease, oxide films, rust inhibitors, or in the case of plastics, migrated plasticiser – these contaminants at a microscopic level can interfere with the adhesives ability to cement the surfaces together. Cleaning & Priming effectively reduces the likelihood of a bond failure.

Poor surface preparation is the primary cause of bond failure, and whilst demonstrating the requirements for our tape products, our Cleaning and Priming Instructions is equally applicable to liquid adhesive films.

For best results always ensure your surface is clean, dry and free from oil, grease and any other contaminants.

  1. If the surface is dirty, wash it with a detergent solution and dry thoroughly before proceeding.

  2. Abrade the surface (see What is abrading and why do I need to do it? below) then clean with a non-residual cleaning solvent such as NovaBond Surface Cleaner to remove any dust and create an ideal bonding surface.


IMPORTANT: Ensure you use the solvent in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

Should you require any further information regarding NovaBond Surface Cleaner instructions please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk

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