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Photoluminescent Glossary


AfterglowThe continued emission of light, usually from a photoluminescent material, after the source of excitation energy is removed
CandelaUnit of luminous intensity
ChargingThe excitation of a photoluminescent material, usually by ambient light
Daylight fluorescence (DF) Fluorescent emissions in the visible spectrum
DIN67510Internationally recognised German standard for luminance performance in photoluminescent materials
Excitation/ExcitedThe condition of a charged photoluminescent material before it emits light and the act of bringing it to that condition
FluorescenceFast absorption and emission of photons with no appreciable afterglow
High Level componentsEgress safety-way guidance elements positioned not less than 1.8m above floor level
Intermediate level componentsEgress safety-way guidance elements positioned at eye level
ISOInternational Standards Organization. Standards relating to emergency egress signage and photoluminescent materials include ISO 16069, ISO 3864-1 and ISO 7010
Lloyd’s RegisterBusiness assurance service for managing systems and risk across a wide range of areas – including fire safety standards for photoluminescent materials in ships and offshore installations
Low level componentsEgress safety-way guidance elements positioned a maximum of 0.4m above floor level
LuminanceBrightness. Usually expressed as millicandelas per square metre (mcd/m2)
PhotoluminescenceThe ability to glow in the dark. Light produced by the energy of ambient light is trapped and stored by the photoluminescent material for later release
PSPAThe Photoluminescent Safety Products Association. You can find out more about the PSPA here, and the PSPA classes of photoluminescent performance here
REACHA series of European Union regulations for enforcing the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
RoHSA European standard for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
SaturationThe charging of a photoluminescent material to its maximum
SWGSSafety way-guidance system


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