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News - If you think that’s fast… NovaBond XS 110W

The world record 100m sprint time is less than 9.58 seconds! Speedy, right?! Well, if you think that’s fast, you should check out NovaBond XS 100W, our high strength acrylic foam bonding tape. We truly believe that the peel, shear and tensile strength of our NovaBond XS range is unrivalled, and we’re confident you won’t find a high strength bonding tape that performs better. 

Independent tests carried out by Loughborough University show that our NovaBond XS range of acrylic foam bonding tapes outperforms the leading competitor by 75% on peel strength and 50% on shear resistance! 

Commonly used in the signage industry, although you can trust this tape whenever you need performance critical bonding, NovaBond XS 110W is extensively used to bond metals, plastics and ACM. Thanks to it’s visco elastic properties, it’s great because it’s able to create a strong bond even when dealing with dissimilar materials that have differing expansion rates. 

As well as producing incredibly high bond strength, the tape is durable too, able to withstand the elements, including:

  • Extremes of temperature
  • High forces applied to the bond
  • Water
  • Most solvents and chemicals
  • Differential expansion and contraction

Did you know, you can increase your bond strength by as much as 35% if you abrade your surface prior to securing your bond?! 

Because NovaBond XS 110W is so quick to use – in fact, it’s faster to use than mechanical fixings or liquid adhesives/sealants – you’re improving your speed, making your job faster. 

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