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News - What Adhesive Should I Use For Bonding Low Surface Energy Materials?

Have you experienced problems when bonding low surface energy materials? You’re not the only one, we know how difficult it can be. So we created NovaBond SignFix LSE 110B, it’s proven to perform and helps solve the difficulties of working with LSE surfaces.

Whether using it for manufacturing or signage purposes, LSE 110B is the double-sided, heat resistant tape that you can rely on withstand the most critical of tasks. It’s been specifically formulated for painted or post-powder coated metals or LSE plastics, with incredible bond strength for durability and longevity.


  • Withstands extreme temperatures (150°C+), UV, solvents and chemicals
  • Easy release siliconised filmic liner improves assembly times
  • Resists vibration
  • Ultra high sheer and high cohesion
  • Resistant to high forces, differential expansion and contraction

Technical data sheet can be found here.

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