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News - Have you received your NovaTac sample?

Have you received your NovaTac free sample yet?

You know we know our glues, and we could wax lyrical about them all day if you wanted us too, but we know you don’t have time for that. So, here are a few hints & tips for getting your on your way with the Novatac range!

It’s is ideal for a host of uses, including sign making and POS applications – we wouldn’t recommend using it as a relationship aid though; you need to be able to stick together without glue!

You can also use the range of super strong, super clear glues to apply to plastics, rubber, wood or leather. Don’t use them on a police officer though – you might end up in sticky situation!

If accurate application is vital, the NovaTac range is what you need… just don’t use it in front of the TV, you’ll end up glued to it!

Oh, and whilst it’s great for arts and crafts, don’t throw it to your dog, no matter how much he loves a stick!

If you want to find out more about the NovaTac range, give us a call on 01282 867390 or pop an email to enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information or to discuss your application.


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