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Our new photoluminescent website is up and running

We’ve just launched Innova Solutions Photoluminescent, We believe safety in evacuation situations requires the effective application of both technology and the knowledge and that’s what we do. With an enthusiastic team who know their stuff, they take real pride in supplying exceptional photoluminescents and the practical advice to help you buy wisely. Have a look around the new site at

The world’s most trusted photoluminescents are Jessup Glo-Brite® with Innova Solutions the UK’s sole official partner.

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NovaSeal range

NovaSeal UV and Weather Resistant Adhesives

If you require a versatile solvent-free polymer adhesive that delivers protection from the elements then consider our NovaSeal UV and Weather Resistant Adhesive range. NovaSeal polymer adhesives can be used indoors or outdoors without any loss of adhesive strength, even being able to bond damp surfaces. Sag resistant properties mean that they can be used vertically and even upside-down on roofs and ceilings. They’re endlessly flexible in terms of use, with a high initial bond strength that even applies to painted surfaces and being solvent and isocyanate free – you can use them without worrying about any harmful evaporation effects.

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roy bright judas

Supply & Logistics Manager or Novelist?

our very own Roy Bright has combined Supply & Logistics Manager duties with the pen as he opens up a new chapter in his life as a novelist. Roy has just released his first book, Judas, a fictional novel focussing on Judas Iscariot, punished to live forever on Earth while completing tasks given to him by God.

We don’t know how he finds the time….but Roy has begun work on the second and third novels in the Judas saga.”

Judas is available from Whiteley Publishing direct, or on Amazon and is also available via Waterstones by request, quoting ISBN978-1-908586-91-9.

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sam and jackie

We Have Expanded our Team!

See who’s new at Innova Solutions?

Over the last two years, we have begun a huge amount of new projects with new clients, added a second warehouse on site and we are now busier than ever before.

Due to the demand this has placed on us, we have been recruiting and have just added two new members to the team; Sam Jibai, has recently joined us as Internal Sales Manager and Jacquie Noon as Sales and Purchase order administrator.

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An Introduction To Photoluminescent Products

We want to take the mystery out of photoluminescent materials, so we have launched this straightforward guide to understanding the key terminology involved and also how photoluminescent products work?

If you’re looking to install emergency egress systems or unsure of whether to install PSPA Class B, C or D photoluminescents. This introductory guide will help you gain an appreciation and understanding of the types of applications they are suited to, plus advise on the formats available.

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