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News - Duraline Anti-slip range

anti slip

Our customers requested an anti-slip floor marking tape that was both durable and effective?

Hazard marking tapes can only perform so long as they maintain integrity when subjected to the harshest manufacturing environments.

Constant wear and tear under heavy traffic, dust and dirt were prime considerations in developing our anti-slip floor marking tapes to provide long-lasting protection against slip and skid hazards.

To satisfy this requirement, we have just launched the DuraLine range of heavy duty floor marking tapes as significant additions to our anti-slip product range.

Key benefits…..

  • Durable, tough and and long-lasting
  • Specified for Heavy-duty environments where aggregated products are not advisable due to dust or  surface contaminants
  • BGR Classified to R11 for slip resistance for use as a floor graphic
  • Readily washable by mopping

Targeted usage areas…..

  • Ramps
  • Steps & staircases
  • Scaffolds
  • Platforms and walkways in manufacturing and construction environments

Product options…..

In tandem with our move towards ‘glow in the dark’ safety egress marking tapes we have added NovaGlow DuraLine to compliment our standard NovaTough DuraLine product.

NovaTough DuraLine is a printed floor grade vinyl tape over-laminated with a heavily embossed, durable, clear PVC anti-slip protective laminate. It is the ideal choice of floor tape made for heavy duty manufacturing environments, protecting people and production areas for longer.


NovaTough Duraline


  • BGR Classification of R11 (Observes both DIN 51130 and BGR 181 for Ramp Test slip resistance of floor coverings).


NovaGlow DuraLine PSPA Class B is a range of printed and over-laminated photoluminescent floor marking egress tapes complimenting our range of printed photoluminescent tapes. They will fulfil the required heavy-duty durability demanded by customers for floor applications where emergency egress, should a ‘lights-out’ or ‘smoke fill’ occur, be a prime consideration?

Available as a plain or printed glow in the dark tape, NovaGlow DuraLine is over-laminated with a heavily embossed, tough, durable clear PV anti-slip protective laminate.

It’s our toughest anti-slip and photoluminescent tape to date, so no matter what you put your floor through, you know it will keep protecting your people and processes for longer.

NovaGlow Duraline 2


  • BGR Classification of R11 (Observes both DIN 51130 and BGR 181 for Ramp Test slip resistance of floor coverings).
  • PSPA Class B afterglow performance

NovaTough and NovaGlow

Click HERE to link through to our full anti-slip product range, or visit our dedicated photoluminescent web site at photoluminescent.co.uk


Please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.

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