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Ants have the ability to carry 50-100 times their own bodyweight, making them pretty darn strong, right?! True, but if you think ants are strong, then you should check out our range of high-strength bonding and adhesives – they’re real heavyweights.

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For a rocket to escape Earth’s gravity and orbit into space, it needs to travel at 25,000mph. If you think that’s fast, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our high strength bonding tapes and adhesives work fast – because when time is of the essence, speed is everything.

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The sun has a magnitude of -26.74, making it the brightest star in our sky. Well, if you think that’s bright, you should see our range of photoluminescent tapes and safety signage. We can’t promise you’ll need your sunglasses, but you definitely won’t miss them!

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20/20 vision – doesn’t get much clearer than that, right? Wrong: if you think that’s clear, you should see just how clear our range of bonds and adhesives cure. You’ll need your glasses to see them, and that’s a promise.

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280,320 hours are spent by Yeoman Warders, nicknamed 'Beefeaters” guarding the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. If you think that's safe? Check out our range of safer products.

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