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NovaTac 120 is an advanced surface insensitive cyanoacrylate formulated to provide high tensile and shear strengths on a wide variety of substrates.

This single component adhesive has an active cure mechanism, which when pressed into a thin film between two surfaces, will cure almost instantaneously to form a rigid thermoplastic.

Due to the surface insensitive nature of NovaTac 120, it also maintains a rapid fixture time on acidic surfaces such as wood, leather and dichromated metals.


NovaTac 120 can be used in a huge cross section of industrial bonding applications for a variety of plastic, rubber and metal components within the automotive, white goods and furniture manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Sign making
  • Point of Sale
  • Plastic fabrications
  • Extrusions
  • Consoles, dashboards and weather strips
  • Identification tags to equipment
  • Rubber pads to equipment base or legs
  • Bonding components in speaker cones
  • Leather and rubber in shoe manufacture
  • Arts & crafts

Properties of Uncured Material

ResinEthyl Cyanoacrylate
AppearanceColourless liquid
Cure SystemHumidity

Performance of Cured Material

Fixture Speed< 8 Seconds @ 200C
Full Cure Time24 hours @ 200C
Typical Strength5 to 28 N/mm2
Gap Fill0.1mm
Temperature Range-55 to 900C

Instructions for Use

  1. For best results clean all surfaces with NovaBond Surface Cleaner and allow to dry
  2. For difficult substrates, bond strength can be enhanced by priming one side with NovaTac Spray Activator
  3. Apply the adhesive to one of the mating parts and assemble
  4. Allow to fully cure before applying any load
  5. Excess adhesive can be carefully removed with NovaBond ARC – Adhesive Remover & Cleaner

Storage & Shelf life

Stored unopened in a cool dry location, out of direct sunlight. NovaTac 120 can offer a 12 month shelf life from manufacture. 

Health and Safety in Use

NovaTac 120 is an ethyl cyanoacrylate, and can bond skin and eyelids in seconds, please review our MSDS download containing information regarding the use, Transport, Disposal, Toxicological, exposure controls, accidental release and first aid measures essential to the safe use of this product.

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Product Downloads

Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 224.39 KB) Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 72.08 KB)
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