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NovaBond ARC – Adhesive Remover & Cleaner is a food grade clear, colourless bio-based oil combined with cleansing alcohol and a mild, slow evaporating solvent, which cleans and protects.

It dissolves adhesive, grease, tar & gum removing them cleanly from surfaces leaving a protective film that can be removed with a mild detergent solution if necessary. It also protects against further adhesive bonding / residues and repels moisture.

NovaBond ARC is also ideal for cleaning stainless steel surfaces, leaving them clean and with a protective light film of oil. It will clean and protect workshop tools and cutting machinery resisting further adhesive build-up.

  • Can be supplied in liquid format, for manual application on a lint-free cloth, or for the use of ‘dipping’.
  • Available in a 750ml Trigger Spray

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Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 315.73 KB) Materials Safety Data Sheet (pdf, 330.97 KB)
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