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G-Floor Graphic provides a simple and solution to a major problem in bespoke graphic flooring or matting.

Traditionally, the majority of display media are created by printing direct to substrate then covering the image with a thin layer of clear protective. However, this thin layer is not sufficient to stand the rigors of high footfall traffic and the image quickly becomes scratched, ultimately damaged and in need of replacement.

G-Floor Graphic provides the answer, being an extruded clear and flexible pure PVC product that can be reverse printed, it provides the ultimate in image protection and durability with the thickest and widest wear layer in the industry.

G-Floor Graphic is a clear, flexible pure PVC extruded product, available in widths of 1.524m and 3.048m in 1.9mm semi-rigid grade and in 1.372m flexible grade 0.9mm thicknesses that can be printed flatbed, hybrid or roll-to-roll with both UV and solvent inks.

G-Floor Absolute White is a ‘wood-grain’ finish specifically designed as a first surface print product for those without white-base print capabilities. The anti-chalking, all weather formulation can be applied to virtually any floor.

It is excellent for projects such as short and medium term floor graphics where excellent print adhesion is required from a top print where an optional lacquer coat can increase surface resistance properties or even used stand alone without print.

Product NameDesignDescription
Diamond TreadDiamond tread gb1.90mm CLEAR with ‘diamond plate’ tread pattern approx.0.75mm in relief. Offers a gloss surface and resembles that of a standard diamond plate pattern. The ‘diamonds’ are 29mm in length and 16mm in width with a 0.75mm relief. They are spaced 29mm apart and aligned diagonally in a 180º alternating rotation. Diamond Tread is a surface pattern that offers a rugged or industrial appearance.
Ceramicceramic1.90mm CLEAR variegated pattern resembling orange peel. Offers a mostly smooth, gloss surface with a variegated texture with shallow valleys. Ceramic is a great surface pattern for most POP and general flooring applications
Levantlevant gb1.90mm CLEAR variegated pattern resembling ‘orange peel’. Offers a semi-smooth matte surface. It has a variegated texture with shallow valleys and abrupt edges resembling the surface characteristics of leather. Levant is the perfect surface pattern for anti-glare, photography and filming applications.
Coin coin gb1.90mm CLEAR with ‘coin’ disc pattern in 0.5mm relief. Offers a gloss surface and resembles that of a standard coin pattern. It consists of 18mm diameter circles spaced 3mm apart, with a 0.5mm relief, aligned in symmetrical columns and rows. Coin is a surface pattern that offers the feel of traditional flooring.
Wood Grainwood grain gb0.90mm ULTRA CLEAR, 1.90mm CLEAR and 1.9mm ABSOLUTE WHITE with ‘woodgrain’ pattern. Offers a gloss surface and resembles the appearance and pitted texture of finely grained wood. It consists of random, vertical counter-reliefs across a smooth plane. Wood Grain is a surface pattern that offers a natural wood appearance for all wood images.

G-Floor Graphic Media uses a single, solid layer of impervious polyvinyl, allowing for ultimate image clarity, durability and protection. The repositionable floors require no adhesives or installation, hence they are a versatile customisable media that can be quickly rolled up and re-used in alternative locations.

The clear grades allow for large custom branded images or logos protected under a clear-glassy or a deep textured finish that offers anti-slip or added traction for safety requirements

They provide a very easy, highly aesthetic, cost effective and durable method of producing floor graphics without the need to over laminate.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely customised floors
  • Brand marketing
  • Ideal for heavy footfall traffic
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Print direct-to-surface with no over-laminate required
  • 0.9 to 1.9mm wear layer
  • Proven durability for long term and short term use that withstands heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Slip or skid resistant
  • Compatible with UV, Solvent, Eco-Solvent & Latex printers
  • 1.9mm wear-layer
  • Repositionable & re-usable
  • No adhesives required
  • Slip and tear resistant
  • Stain & chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Bespoke branded floor matting
  • Exhibitions or special events
  • Visitor attractions and wayfinding
  • Architectural graphics
  • Reception areas
  • Refectory areas
  • Showroom or retail flooring
  • Stage, Dance or theatre floors
  • Stadia or arena, sporting events
  • Garage floors
  • Entrances and vestibules
  • Factory and warehouse
  • Elevator & Escalator Entries


G-Floor 600px

Watch graphic full size 2 600px

Without white base ink over white floor……….With white base ink over white floor

Watch graphic full size white base image 600 x 600

Without white base ink over dark floor……….With white base ink over dark floor


Diamond tread white 300px

Diamond Tread

coin black 300px


levant white 300px


Absolute white woodgrain 300px


Availability & Dimesions

1524mm x 7.62mAll clear textures at 1.9mm thicknessDiamond Tread, Ceramic, Levant, Ribbed, Coin & Woodgrain
1524mm x 15.24mAll clear textures at 1.9mm thicknessDiamond Tread, Ceramic, Levant, Ribbed, Coin & Woodgrain
3048mm x 7.62mAll clear textures at 1.9mm thicknessDiamond Tread, Ceramic, Levant, Ribbed, Coin & Woodgrain
3048mm x 15.24mAll clear textures at 1.9mm thicknessDiamond Tread, Ceramic, Levant, Ribbed, Coin & Woodgrain
1372mm x 7.62mULTRA CLEAR at 0.9mm thicknessWoodgrain
1524mm x 3.05mABSOLUTE WHITE at 1.9mm thicknessWoodgrain
3048mm x 18.59mABSOLUTE WHITE at 1.9mm thicknessWoodgrain


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