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Press Release – Sign & Digital 2017 INNOVA SOLUTIONS LIMITED SHOW CASES PIONEERING PRODUCTS AT SIGN & DIGITAL EXHIBITION 2017 STAND H62 (22nd February 2017) Innova Solutions Ltd, as the specialist tape and adhesive supplier to the sign industry, will be showcasing a range of their leading, pioneering products including pre-powder coat metal 28th February 2017 New Product Development – NovaWeld SignFix 8 New from Innova Solutions…… Working in partnership with the industry’s leading sign makers and materials manufacturers to meet the ever present demands of performance, aesthetics and eco-friendliness, our latest introduction is NovaWeld SignFix 8. NovaWeld SignFix 8 is a non-flammable, low odour, low shrinkage 2-part 14th February 2017 Safer, Brighter, Faster – New NovaGlow™ Photoluminescent Escape Route Demarkation Components from Innova Solutions……. Photoluminescent Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS) or Emergency Egress Route Markers create a safer workspace and also demonstrate a duty of care to both your staff and customers if you have one in place. In the event of a fire an ISO 16069 compliant Photoluminescent SWGS provides 28th September 2016 Innova Solutions: Officially Strongman Approved! We’ve teased you recently about the release of our new high strength campaign and the mystery man behind it, but we can officially announce that Mark Felix, 10-time World’s Strongest Man competitor, will be the face of Innova Solutions’ high strength structural bonding range. Mark was 5th July 2016 Bonding Metals Prior To Powder Coating Innova Solutions have now added a High Temperature foamed acrylic tape and a High Temperature Adhesive to their ever expanding range of products. Both products will securely and reliably bond metals prior to the powder coat process, thus eliminating the need to abrade and bond 5th April 2016 Low surface energy pressure sensitive tape XS110 HT – Engineered To Bond & Withstand The Most Extreme Conditions Looking for a durable adhesive to bond bare metals? That’s where Innova Solutions comes in, we’ve specifically designed the NovaBond SignFix XS110 HT with this in mind. Our heavy duty acrylic adhesive is capable of bonding the most problematic of surfaces, both textured and uneven. 19th October 2015 Low surface energy pressure sensitive tape What Adhesive Should I Use For Bonding Low Surface Energy Materials? Have you experienced problems when bonding low surface energy materials? You’re not the only one, we know how difficult it can be. So we created NovaBond SignFix LSE 110B, it’s proven to perform and helps solve the difficulties of working with LSE surfaces. Whether using 12th October 2015 Improved HD Print Reception Safer, Brighter, Faster coupled with Improved HD Print Reception & Printable via any media at no added cost – introducing the new, improved photoluminescent technology from the Jessup / Innova partnership. Developed for a very demanding marine application for one of Innova’s clients, the collaboration 6th October 2015 Now Stocking Award Winning AlumiGraphics and G-Floor Graphics! In case you missed it, we’re delighted to announce the official launch of both AlumiGraphics and G-Floor Graphics at Innova Solutions! These innovative products are simple to use and take the complexity out of installing floor and wall graphics. Both products are in high demand because 31st August 2015
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