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colour profiling

To avoid printer colour management issues with colour casts or inaccurate colours, or you just can’t get a good print on your new substrate, FloorSignage has developed printer profiles for many of the industry’s most popular equipment for our AlumiGraphics® range

Custom printer profiling means we profile the printer, paper, and ink that you use, so the resultant profile will give you colour accuracy that is fully optimised for your system. It’s important to note that it’s virtually impossible to replicate exactly in print the colours that you see on a computer screen as they are two distinct media.

A screen monitor displays colours according to transmitted light in the RGB range, while a substrate displays colours according to the absorption and reflection of CMYK.

Printer profiling can help to achieve the best possible reproduction of colour when converting images from RGB to CMYK.



RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue; and RGB is the ‘colour space’ used by computer monitors, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Almost all conventional and digital printing presses use CMYK .

RGB and CMYK have different colour gamuts, or differing ranges of colours that a colour space can reproduce.

RGB can produce a far greater range at the extremes of red, green and blue that CMYK isn’t capable of reproducing. Consequently, bright reds, greens and blues will not be as bright when converted to CMYK.

Custom printer profiling means you can profile the printer, substrate and ink that you use, so the resultant profile will give you colour accuracy that is optimised for your system to assure the best reproduction.

Please select which material you’re printing on, the manufacturer and the model you’re using at the following link:




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