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Products - High Shear Reinforced Adhesive Tapes

NovaBond SG 80 NovaBond SG30

NovaBond SG high shear bonding tapes perform. They resist impact. They withstand elevated heat. They stay strong against the elements.

SG stands for ‘Shear Grip’. It’s a rubber adhesive with a high level of immediate tack, extreme shear resistance and high peel strength. The modified adhesive structure resists water and plasticisers. And the highly crosslinked rubber molecules, in combination with a tough polyester (SG30) or cotton (SG80) scrim produces a high shear bonding tape that bonds virtually anything. Whether you’re working with stone or concrete, aluminium or primed timber, achieve a stronger bond with UltraBond SG.

NovaBond SG high shear reinforced adhesive tapes

The strongest possible bond for:

  • Signage: NovaBond SG loves awkward fibrous, porous or irregular surfaces. Make it your banner tape of choice for large PVC, Opaljet and open mesh banners exposed to the worst the elements can muster.

And when your signs need a high strength bond that protects the integrity of the sign and the message that’s on it, NovaBond SG performs on:

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Correx
  • Composite materials
  • Foamed PVC

Flooring: Aluminium or PVC stirnosings? Mounting carpet? Fixing skirting boards, fascias and trims? NovaBond SG high shear bonding tapes are your are ideal for also has many applications in the flooring accessory market

Other: Bonds metals, low surface energy plastics, fabric, wood, ceramics, granite and even sound concrete.

Choose your high shear bonding tape

Choose the thickness and scrim for your application and trust NovaBond SG.

To find the right scrim tapes for your application please contact us.

Note: Not suitable for bonding clear substrates exposed to direct UV light, or for bonding dissimilar materials over 1m in length where the internal scrim does not allow independent expansion and contraction.

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