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Innova Solutions Ltd (ISL) was established in 2002. It supplies high strength bonding tapes, industrial adhesives and photoluminescent (glow in the dark) materials for industrial applications.

Key markets

Much of what the business does is tailored for the sign-making industry, and ISL prides itself on being a ‘one stop shop’ for sign makers, supplying every bonding tape and structural glue they might conceivably need.

As their ranges have developed, so the applications have increased. As a result, ISL’s high strength bonding tapes and structural adhesives can now be found in industries as diverse as clean room equipment, sports goods, automotive, marine and general manufacturing.

Although most of their work is UK based, ISL is beginning to supply to European manufacturers and aims to grow this area of the business.

The bonding people

Innova Solutions began with two employees and is currently ten-strong with further additions planned. It’s a committed, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team led by Managing Director, Glenn Dunleavey.

Glenn’s vision was to be “exactly the sort of industrial tapes and adhesives supplier that manufacturers kept saying didn’t exist anymore.”

The ISL commitment is threefold:

• To supply exactly what customers need

• To meet the deadline every time; and

• To use its expertise to help client businesses produce stronger, better quality products whilst shortening/improving processes

“It takes a strong team to deliver our levels of product and service,” says Glenn. “After more than a decade, I still find it refreshing to work with people who actually care about the quality of their work. I think the energy of the whole team is something that our clients notice and appreciate. We go the extra mile because we believe it’s the right thing to do.”

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