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News - If you think that’s clear… NovaSol 12000NC

The moon is an incredible 238855 miles away, and to the naked eye will be a mere grey blob in the sky. But through a telescope, the zoomed in image will be as clear as day and packed with detail. Well, if you think a telescope’s view of the moon is clear, you really need to check out NovaSol 12000 NC, our clear plastic weld, solvent adhesive.

Ideal for signage, the clear, powerful bond delivers high strength and looks great in just a single application. Formulated for cast acrylic/Perspex indoor signs, NovaSol 12000 NC is also ideal for use in shopfitting and works brilliantly for bonding store displays and other plastic fixtures where aesthetics is key. The strong adhesive is also popular with mechanical engineers thanks to its quick and easy plastic bonding. 

Although NovaSol 12000 NC is ideal for interiors, it’s not the one for structural or outdoor applications. 

A dichloromethane-free acrylic glue, NovaSol 12000 NC fuses plastic surfaces together as it dries, creating a strong, long lasting bond. And the best bit? It’s clear formulation means it’s ideal for bonding cast acrylics where aesthetics are key – i.e. for perfect edge bonding and butt joints. 

Don’t forget, before bonding your plastics, make sure they’re clean, dry and free from dust, grease and oils using NovaBond Surface Cleaner. 

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