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News - If you think that’s bright… Glo Brite 7555

The Northern Lights are so bright, they can be seen from space by astronauts aboard the International Space Station! Bright, right? Sure, but if you think they’re bright, you need to check out Glo Brite 7555 photoluminescent film that promises to make your safety signage extra bright, even under low lighting. 

Ideal for safety signage, this PSPA Class C film will make your safety messaging  clearer, stronger and brighter with HD sharpness and razor-sharp edge definition with rich, consistent colour density. Whatsmore, it’s fast to install and charges quickly. 

Brighter in blackout than it’s ever been, it’s commonly used for safety signage in building, marine, rail and military environments, Glo-Brite® 7555 (and the other photoluminescent tapes in the 7500 series) has been specifically designed for:

  • High levels of luminance (even in low light conditions)
  • Excellent charging properties (even in low light conditions)
  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Satin/matt HD finish

If you’re familiar with Glo-Brite® 7535, you can expect all the same benefits with Glo Brite 7555, but with extra luminance in lower light.

Regardless of how you’re printing your signs, and regardless of the ink you choose, be it solvent, eco-solvent or UV, your edges will be crisper and your colours will be sharper thanks to Glo-Brite® 7555’s exceptional ink adhesion. Plus, the film’s excellent layflat characteristics and fast drying times make working with Glo-Brite® 7555 really easy. 

PS – it goes without saying that Glo Brite 7555 complies with The European RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and that it contains none of the substances of very high concern (SVHCs) or banned substances as identified by the REACH standard.

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