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News - If you think that’s strong… NovaWeld SignFix 7

Did you know, ants have the ability to carry 50-100 times their own bodyweight?! 🤯 Strong right?! Well, if you think that’s strong, check out NovaWeld SignFix 7, our durable, versatile and incredibly powerful, high-temperature structural glue.

Did you know, NovaWeld SignFix 7 is the structural adhesive solution for wind turbines, fibreglass and sports goods?! 

Ideal for bonding metals, composites and engineering plastics, it’s commonly used in the signage industry, or for structural bonding. It’s the go-to for when you need high impact strength because it’ll bond most sign making materials, including:

  • Mild and stainless steels
  • Aluminium
  • Polycarbonate and acrylic sheets
  • Composite panels
  • Stone and ceramic

You can also use the versatile NovaWeld SignFix 7 to bond bighead fasteners and other locators across the signage, construction, marine, utility, petrochemical industries, and in general manufacturing, as well as across the automotive industry where it’ll help protect the integrity of vehicles roofs, spoilers, vents and housings.

Did you know, NovaWeld SignFix 7 has anti-sag properties, meaning the bond won’t run – even on vertical surfaces! 

Another reason we love NovaWeld SignFix 7 is because it’ll provide a strong bond even without priming. The bond this heavyweight glue creates is always highly resistant to shearing, peeling, solvents, moisture, lubricants and cleaning chemicals – even when used to fill larger gaps.

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