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News - Working With Low Surface Energy Plastics? We’ve Got Just The Thing!

Dealing with low surface energy plastics can be a tricky job, as the majority of adhesives and adhesive tapes fail to bond the surfaces as they are unable to ‘wet out’. That’s where we come in. Committed to tackling all your bonding problems, we’ve created the NovaBond SignFix LSE 80.

This bonding tape is designed specifically for low energy plastics, providing an immediate grip, with an ultimate Strongman Approved bond achieved within 72 hours. This high strength bonding tape has a water-clear finish, making it perfect for a wide range of signmaking plastics such as:

  •  Polypropylene
  •  Polyethylene
  •  Various thermoplastics

NovaBond LSE 80 has been formulated to provide superior adhesion to irregular substrates where abrasion is not possible due to the aesthetic requirements of the surface.

This incredibly versatile tape can be of use to signmakers with both interior and exterior requirements. When used alongside the appropriate cleaning and priming products, this bonding tape will leave you with outstanding, unrivalled results.

Watch our Strongman Approved product range being put to the test:

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