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News - Innova Strengthens Trawden Show With Local Sponsorship

We sponsored the first ever strongman competition at the 2015 Trawden Show! We were more than happy to help out and to be able to support the local community through sponsoring part of the prestigious Trawden Agricultural Show 2015. The strongman competition took place on the 9th August and was a cracking spectacle. 

One of the competitors pulling a 3 tonne tractor.

One of the competitors pulling a 3-tonne tractor.

Glenn Dunleavey, Managing Director of Innova Solutions said;

“Innova feel very lucky to have our offices in this beautiful village and are very proud of our local community. We welcome any chance we get to support Trawden and events like the Trawden Beer & Music Festival and The Trawden Agricultural Show are perfect opportunities to give something back.”

The strongman competition was made up of two categories, Experienced and Open, offering cash prizes for the top 3 in both. There were 6 events; Frame Carry, Log Press for Reps, Tractor Pull, Deadlift Tyres, Tractor Rope Pull and Tyre Flip.

Innova Solutions also challenged the competitors to pull apart two pieces of metal that had been glued together using one of their high strength glues. None of them dared take the challenge despite pulling a 3-tonne tractor.

Glenn Dunleavey and Mark Felix

Glenn Dunleavey and Mark Felix

Mark Felix, a regular competitor at the Worlds Strongest Man, and with a deadlift of 893lbs, was refereeing for the day. After half attempting to pull the metal apart himself, he said:

“No chance. Way, way easier to move a tractor than this. The tractor pull I’d finish in no time.” Mark then joked, “I’ll leave it for those guys, I don’t want to show them up.”


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