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News - New NovaTac Range

Stronger, Faster, Clearer and available in a range of viscosities from water-thin, wicking grades to thick, gap-filling products and low-bloom and low odour formulations – introducing the new NovaTac range of high-strength, super-fast setting cyanoacrylates from Innova Solutions.

NovaTac 120 Group

What are they?

Innova are delighted to bring to the sign industry, POS and plastic fabrication market a new generation of super-glues that are surface insensitive, meaning they resist attack from acids in the surface. This top quality product will bond a much wider variety of substrates including leather and wood and offers a much higher resistance to moisture compared with traditional cyanoacrylates.

Packaged in very innovative pens, this new range offers a measure and accuracy of application, never seen before, to make your fabrication easier, faster, cleaner and much safer. Giving the user the choice of viscosities we cover all applications from wicking into tight, close-fitting bond lines to performing gap-filling in bonding textured or irregular surfaces.

Opting for the low-bloom formulation, your work remains clearer with no fogging thus enhancing finished product aesthetics. This grade also performs at higher temperatures and is almost odour-free. We also offer activators that will both speed-up bonding and facilitate bonding of materials that have, in the past, been difficult to bond with cyanoacrylates.


What products are available?

In 25g pens, the standard range comprises:-

NovaTac 10 – Very thin, rapid, clear wicking grade

NovaTac 120 – Benchmark product for bonding most substrates

NovaTac 300 – Low-Bloom, high temperature, very low odour formulation

NovaTac 1500 – High viscosity, gap-filling grade, slower set time to allow re-positioning (only in 25g tubes)


Above is the standard range but, having our own bespoke adhesive chemists, if you require anything ‘special’ we will endeavour to make it for you.


Please order by contacting Michael Thompson on 01282 867390 or at Michael@innovasolutions.co.uk


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