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News - Benefits of Photoluminescent Signage

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When considering installing a Safety Way Guidance System (SWGS) it’s important to understand the benefits of using Photoluminescent Signage versus Standard Signage & Directional Markings.


Photoluminescent Signage maintains the necessary ACTION or WARNING message under ‘blackout or smoky’ conditions

  • An ISO 16069 compliant Photoluminescent SWGS provides a clear and unambiguous exit route under emergency conditions for a SAFE ESCAPE
  • As well as signage the system could comprise Low-Location Lighting Strips, Hazard Warning and Plain Tapes, Stair Markers & Nosing’s and Floor-Marking Tapes & Die-Cut Shapes
  • An ISO 16069 compliant SWGS clearly marks hazards, obstructions and Fire Fighting Equipment – reducing falls & injuries whilst serving to aid first-response fire action thus helping to SAVE LIVES
  • An ISO 16069 compliant Photoluminescent SWGS is proven to improve both ‘egress times and efficiencies’ to reduce time in the evacuation of buildings by the FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE
  • Whilst there is no legislation governing the use of Photoluminescent products in Europe, fitting an ISO 16069 compliant Photoluminescent SWGS demonstrates a DUTY OF CARE & A COMMITMENT TO THE SAFETY of your employees, customers and visitors
  • XTRA-GLO is over twice as bright as NITE-GLO and is visible to the human eye for more than double the time, enhancing all of the above benefits
  • Photoluminescent Signage and SWGS’s are reliable, passive Fire Action systems that consume no energy, other than light to charge, require little or no maintenance and do not malfunction

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For further understanding of the standards quoted and requirements, please check out ISO 16069 at the link below:

Abridged Version of ISO_16069-2004 (1)

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