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News - Supply & Logistics Manager or Novelist?


Coming Soon?

…..the time is NOW as our own Roy Bright has combined Supply & Logistics Manager duties with the pen as he opens up a new chapter in his life as a novelist.

Roy has just released his first book, Judas, a fictional novel focussing on Judas Iscariot, punished to live forever on Earth while completing tasks given to him by God.

“It was in late 2012, that I decided to pursue one of my other creative passions, writing. The idea for ‘Judas’ had been sitting deeply in my psyche for some time and the amalgamation of the original idea fuelled by the lyrics in the rock song ‘What Have You Done’ by Within Temptation finally saw me put pen to paper.”said Roy, who used to be a gunner with the Royal Navy.

Roy who also fronts the band, Exit State, which he started in 2005, found work with the band put him in good stead for his new literary adventure.

In October 2013, that dream became a reality when Whiteley Publishing recognised the same vision for the story as he did and put their backing behind him.

We don’t know how he finds the time….but Roy has begun work on the second and third novels in the Judas saga.”

Judas is available from Whiteley Publishing direct, or on Amazon and is also available via Waterstones by request, quoting ISBN978-1-908586-91-9.

Artwork by Baz Renshaw

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