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Textile Hook and Loop fasteners provide a cost effective solution for numerous fastening applications, offering ease of application with a simple peel and stick fixing.

How they work

Innova Solutions textile Hook and Loop fasteners are manufactured as a two-component product, albeit the softer ‘loop’ can be used in isolation to provide a soft protective surface on say, table legs against a wooden floor.

Constructed from two pieces of a 50:50 nylon/polyester fabric, one side comprises of tiny ‘Hooks’ and the other being a softer side of smaller ‘Loops’.

On combining, the hooks catch the loops, with the strength of bond governed by how deep the hooks embed into the loops, together with the total surface area in contact.

Hook & Loop can be used to connect panels to a wall for instance. The resultant bond is extremely strong with the downward force being evenly spread – yet can be pulled or peeled away with relative ease with the familiar ripping sound.


Hook and Loop fasteners are suited to a variety of applications where only a temporary bond is required, reducing into production time and associated costs.

  • Seasonal banners
  • Temporary signage or Point of Sale
  • Partitioning & cladding
  • Replacement of mechanical fixings
  • Securing loads in transportation
  • Surface protection (loop only)

The adhesive is rubber based with extremely high shear properties allowing it to be fastened to a wide range of un-plasticised surfaces or substrates. Simply ensure the two surfaces are clean, and to get the best from your Hook and Loop fasteners, start with a clean surface using NovaBond Surface Cleaner.

Traditional spirit-based cleaners are slow to evaporate, leaving a residue, but with NovaBond Surface Cleaner all that’s left is a surface that’s ready to stick.


Available in self-adhesive, black or white and in 20mm or 25mm widths @ 25m roll lengths

CodeRoll Width (mm)Roll Length (m)Description
VEL2025HOOKWHITE20mm25mSelf-Adhesive White Hook
VEL2025LOOPWHITE20mm25mSelf-Adhesive White Loop
VEL2025HOOKBLACK20mm25mSelf-Adhesive Black Hook
VEL2025LOOPBLACK20mm25mSelf-Adhesive Black Loop
VEL2525HOOKWHITE25mm25mSelf-Adhesive White Hook
VEL2525LOOPWHITE25mm25mSelf-Adhesive White Loop
VEL2525HOOKBLACK25mm25mSelf-Adhesive Black Hook
VEL2525LOOPBLACK25mm25mSelf-Adhesive Black Loop

Fire Retardant, acrylic adhesive versions or ‘Mushroom’ type fastening systems are also available on request.

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