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NovaWeld two part structural adhesives give incredibly high ultimate bond strength. Across a wide range of substrates including steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, composite materials and engineering plastics – and in the harshest environments – NovaWeld performs.

NovaWeld methacrylate adhesives

The strongest possible bond for:

  • For signage: Whatever signmaking material you’re working with, from acrylic or stainless steels to stone and ceramics, there’s a NovaWeld to match.
  • For automotive: NovaWeld is formulated to withstand the forces to which vehicle roofs, spoilers, vents and housings are subjected every day.
  • Other: From wind turbines to sports goods, manufacturers who need their products to perform to the highest tolerances choose NovaWeld.

Choose your structural glue

Choose from a range of cure times and viscosities. High temperature glues can withstand powder coat paint cycles, and clear glues will contribute to a finished product that looks as good as it performs.

To find the right structural glue for your application please contact us.

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