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Your adhesive tape could do far more than bond. Foam tapes can create a vibration, noise and gap-free finish too.

NovaFoam self-adhesive foam tapes

Single sided foam tapes

Ideal for creating dust, water or airtight seals. They’re also a natural choice for general gap filling and product cushioning.

Double-sided foam tapes

For signage: Sign makers choose double sided foam tape because of its gap-filling properties. It also makes light work of bonding irregular surfaces and different textures.

Point of sale: Creates a stronger, longer lasting bond for tough, durable displays without the gaps.

For automotive: A strong, vibration resistant bond for (re)fixing trims and badges.

Choose your foam tape

UV resistance? Waterproof? Strong loadbearing capability? If you need help finding the right self adhesive foam tape for your application, contact us.

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