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Products - Printed Tapes

3420 Glo Brite® Safety Track® Photoluminescent floor markers Anti-slip floor marking tape – NovaGlow DuraLine Glo-Brite® Fire Egress Running Man Exit Tapes Glo-Brite® Fire Exit Tapes – Left & Right Glo-Brite® Printed Photoluminescent Tapes Glo-Brite® Printed Photoluminescent Tapes NovaGlow Duraline NovaGlow DuraLine – 7535 Black Chevron NovaGlow DuraLine – 7535 Green Chevron NovaGlow DuraLine - 7535 Green Directional ISO Arrow NovaGlow DuraLine – 7535 Green Directional ISO Arrow NovaGlow DuraLine - 7535 Plain NovaGlow DuraLine – 7535 Plain 7535 Red Chevron NovaGlow DuraLine – 7535 Red Chevron

Glo-Brite® printed photoluminescent tapes

For the photoluminescent that’s ready to go to work straight from the roll, choose Glo-Brite® ready-printed tapes.

Glo-Brite® printed photoluminescent tape – ideal for:

Safety: Egress delineation and hazard markings in building, marine, rail and military environments.

Glo-Brite® printed photoluminescent tapes have been specifically designed for:

  • Higher levels of luminance
  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Satin/matt HD finish

Why Jessup Glo-Brite® printed photoluminescent tape?

Ready to use: No printing required – so your safety markings can be in place faster.

HD sharpness: Razor-sharp edge definition and rich, consistent colour density. So your safety signage remains clear, strong and unambiguous.

Brighter in blackout: The latest generation of Jessup Glo-Brite® safety tapes and films use photoluminescent pigments that produce a brighter afterglow in blackout conditions and charge faster in the light.

Performance: Even in harsh exterior environments, printed surfaces retain their legibility and integrity.

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