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Are your products environmentally friendly?

Inevitably, whatever we do it has an impact on the environment, however we’re working to ensure that impact is a positive one.

Given that our work involves solvent-based products, you might think there’s little we can do to improve the environmental credentials of what we do. As a leader in adhesives and bondings, we believe it’s our duty to think otherwise.

From a processes perspective, we are working with our suppliers and manufacturers, to influence and encourage them to reduce the environmental impact of their products and the way they produce it.

We’re continually working to develop our adhesive and bonding materials to balance performance with environmental considerations.

That’s why we’ve introduced eco-friendly tapes and adhesives which include:

  • The dichloromethane-free NovaSol NC range of plastic welding adhesives
  • Solvent-free NovaBond XS high strength bonding tapes

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