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News - Trawden: A Beacon of Community Triumph and Royal Recognition

Trawden, a picturesque Lancashire village and home of Innova Solutions, is poised for a historic event on April 10th, when the Princess Royal is coming to town! This visit signifies a tribute to the village’s exceptional community spirit, whereby we became the first community in Britain to purchase our local pub, library, post office, shop and community centre in a series of innovative preservation efforts, led by dedicated local and friend of Innova Solutions, Steven Wilcock.

Steven, who is central to Trawden’s remarkable journey, served as the Chair Trustee of the community project for nine years. His stewardship was crucial in guiding the project from its inception to fruition. He will be hosting the Princess Royal’s visit, during which she will visit the Trawden Arms Community Pub, the Trawden Forest Community Centre, the local shop, and the library. These venues stand as testaments to Trawden’s innovative community-led initiatives, which prevented the village from becoming a ‘ghost town.’ 

Here at Innova Solutions, we’re proud of our rich history of supporting our village’s events and initiatives, and supporting our community whenever and wherever we can. 

Over recent years, this support has included:

  • Fundraising for local charity Colne Open Door via the Charity Soapbox race
  • Supporting the village aesthetics and honoring traditions through Trawden in Bloom, Trawden Garden and Scarecrow Festival and Trawden Agricultural Show
  • Sponsoring community events including the iconic Trawden Beer and Music Festival

We are especially proud of our involvement with the community purchase of the Trawden Arms Pub – one of the reasons behind the Royal visit and something our CEO, Glenn Dunleavey, and Sales Manager, Joe Lacey, were both a part of. 

The Princess Royal’s visit is a momentous occasion for Trawden. It will spotlight the village’s innovative approach to community preservation and the strong ties that bind its residents. As the village prepares to showcase its achievements and unity, this royal visit will stand as a proud chapter in Trawden’s history, reaffirming the enduring values and community spirit that make it an extraordinary place to work and live.


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