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News - Innova Solutions is 20! 🥳

This month we’re celebrating a huge achievement at Innova Solutions – our 20th anniversary! As we take time to reflect on the last two decades, we want to use this momentous occasion to share with everyone the journey that led up to this milestone, the special offer we’re running throughout June and what the future looks like for us at Innova. 

It feels like yesterday when we started Innova, and we cannot believe that the business we started back in 2002 has reached this incredible milestone. Like most businesses, we started out small. We have grown from a team of three people working in a shared office and warehouse space to a team of over twenty working across three business sites comprising over 25,000 square feet. We attribute our growth and success heavily to our fantastic team, which is why we coined the phrase ‘Bonding People, Fixing Problems’, and we pride ourselves on the talented individuals that we’ve brought into our team over the years. Their hard work and dedication to Innova has enabled us to power through some of the most difficult business challenges. Most notably the 2008 financial crisis and recession, Brexit and the global Covid-19 pandemic, to name a few. The perseverance of our people and Innova is an incredible achievement and has created a legacy that truly sets us apart from others. 

Celebrate with us and claim your FREE wireless phone charger!

As part of our anniversary celebrations this month, we are running a special offer. All customers will receive a free wireless phone charger with first orders exceeding £500! This offer is only going to be available for a short period of time, so if you’re planning to make an order with us, what better time to place one than now?

As we look forward to the future, we hope to continue to build upon this growth, strengthening our relationship with customers and expanding into new market spaces. Customer needs have always remained at the centre of everything we do at Innova, which is why we invested £250k into a brand new splitter and winder, a 12-head spooling machine and a 10,000-square-foot facility to house them all. This brand new facility has allowed us to diversify our product portfolios further and bring newfound value to our customers. Our entire team is delighted to see Innova grow into a position where we’re able to support our customers on a wider scale.

We want to end this blog post with a special thank you to everyone who has contributed to us reaching this milestone, we couldn’t have done it without the support of our customers, team and partners. Innova started out as just a business idea, and we have proven that if you’re passionate about your idea and you surround your business with the right people, you can achieve anything. Today we have become a leading supplier of high-strength structural adhesives and bonding tapes to the signage, construction and automotive industries, and with our recent business investments, we are determined to expand into more!


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