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News - If you think that’s clear… NovaSol 7000 NC

When you’re coming up to a stop sign, there’s no messing around – you know exactly what it wants you to do. If you think the instructions on a stop sign are clear, you should see NovaSol 7000 NC, our completely clear two component solvent adhesive.

Ideal for across a number of industries, NovaSol 7000 NC is commonly used in:

  • Signage
  • Shopfitting 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Model building
  • Aquarium manufacture

NovaSol 7000 NC was actually formulated for cast acrylic/Perspex indoor signs!

The clear, powerful bond delivers high strength and looks great in just a single application. This plastic welding glue can be used to bond cast and extruded acrylics, fast.  Able to withstand the elements – NovaSol 7000 NC has a temperature range of -55 degrees celsius right up to 120 degrees celsius – it can be trusted to hold a strong, clear bond indoors or out. Whatsmore, the adhesive hardens at just room temperature (16-20 degrees celsius) and is really simple to use and easy to apply. 

Did you know, NovaSol 7000 NC can also be used as a laminating adhesive?! 

Before bonding your acrylic surfaces, don’t  forget to make sure they are clean, dry and free from dust, grease and oils. To do this, we’d recommend NovaBond Surface Cleaner.

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