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News - If you think that’s strong… NovaBond XS 110 HT

The current world record deadlift for Strongmen is over 500kg, which is roughly just over 1100lb! If you think that’s strong, you need to check out NovaBond XS 110 HT, our double-sided, heat resistant tape that you can trust to hold its strength even on the most demanding, performance critical tasks.

NovaBond XS 110 HT is a heavy duty acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that performs well at extremely high temperatures of up to 260°C. It has been specially created for bonding bare metals prior to the powder coating process, and won’t let you down even on textured or uneven surfaces. 

Whatsmore, it can withstand the entire powder coating process and remains super strong even at temperatures of up to 260 °C+.

It’s ideal for applications in manufacturing and signage both internally or externally, specifically for use on bare-metals prior to powder coating and oven-stoving. 

It’s almost completely unaffected by UV, high temperature, ageing or chemicals, making NovaBond XS 110 HT the adhesive you need if you’re looking for something durable and long-lasting in a harsh environment. 

Please note, NovaBond XS 110 HT is suitable for plasticised PVC, but for low surface energy plastics, you’ll need NovaBond LSE 110B, instead. 

In fact, the tape is so strong that it can actually completely replace spot welds or mechanical fasteners, and because it’s ultra high shear and high cohesion, you can rest assured that the bond will remain strong under stress, resisting vibration, impact or shock. 

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