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News - If you think that’s bright… Glo Brite 7535

The light from the sun is equivalent to roughly 4 trillion 100-watt light bulbs. Think that’s bright? Then you should see our Glo Brite® 7535 film, designed to make your safety signage pop. 

Glo-Brite® 7535 (as well as the other photoluminescent tapes in the 7500 series) has been specially designed to offer higher levels of luminance, and performs well when used on interiors and exteriors – in fact, it’ll perform well even in the most harsh exterior environments. 

Ideal for safety signage in buildings, marine, rail and military environments, it’s bright and quick drying, making it easier and faster than ever to keep your environment safe.

With a satin/matt HD finish,razor-sharp edge definition and a rich, consistent colour density, you can rest assured that your safety signage will be clear, bright and in place day and night, keeping your colleagues and customers safe 24/7. In fact, the latest ranges of Glo-Brite films use photoluminescent pigments that produce even brighter afterglow in blackout conditions.

Guess what! Glo-Brite® 7535 photoluminescent tape exceeds the performance requirements of PSPA Class B! 

Glo-Brite® 7535 is available in self-adhesive rolls and sheets, rigid sheets and printed tapes, and is easy to apply with quick drying, meaning you can get the job done quicker. 

Make your space safer and invest in Glo-Brite 7535 safety signage today by contacting our team on enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk


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