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News - If you think that’s fast… NovaWeld Flex HTFC

For a rocket to leave the Earth’s atmosphere, it is required to travel at high speeds of around 4.9miles per second! Think that’s fast? Think again – our NovaWeld Flex HTFC adhesive will have your job done at lightning speed, providing a high functional tensile shear strength for your bond, right away. 

NovaWeld Flex HTFC is the rocket fuel you need in the powder coating process. The two-part structural methacrylate adhesive is made up of a unique chemistry, not only allowing the adhesive to maintain a high functional strength throughout the entire powder coating process, but it will actually improve in all aspects of functional strength performance.

A hugely versatile adhesive, NovaWeld Flex HTFC can bond a wide variety of substrates without the need for surface primers or conditioners.

NovaWeld Flex HTFC is ideal for:

Bonding mild steel straps on structural sheet work

Sealing weld seams

Bonding stainless and aluminum letters and signs

Bonding mild steel 

Did you know: if you’re not sure which adhesive you need, our expert team can help pair you with the right product. 

NovaWeld Flex HTFC has an alternate grade option; NovaWeld Flex HT. Sharing common chemistry, they differ only in the functional cure-speed, giving you choice depending on your application. 

To purchase NovaWeld Flex HTFC or HT, or to discuss your application and choose the adhesive that’s right for your job, please contact us at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk


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