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News - Innova’s Board of Directors is enhanced by two promotions


Innova Solutions Ltd, have exciting news in the form of two major promotions within the company.  Linda Barrowclough has accepted the position of Financial and Strategic Director, whilst handing over the reins to Roy Bright, who has taken over her previous position of Operations Director.

Managing Director, Glenn Dunleavey said, “I am delighted to have Roy back onboard after a short sabbatical, where he was sorely missed.  For 14 years he has always been a very enthusiastic, dynamic and prominent member of our team; I am proud to welcome him onto the Board and it is well deserved.  He and Linda have always worked well together and share the same pace and work ethic to get things done. He will quickly adopt Linda’s operational duties and allow her to work more closely with me in driving the business forward.  We are targeting further acquisitions and I rely heavily on Linda’s financial acumen.  I feel very privileged to be working with such fantastic people and great friends.”

With over 12 years of commitment within Innova and becoming an integral part of the team, Linda was promoted to Operations Director in 2014 and had this to say about her most recent move on the Board, “I am delighted to be appointed to Financial and Strategic Director, this will mean that I spend less time ‘in’ the business and more time ‘on it’, supporting Glenn with our strategic vision and growth plans. Having started work at Innova Solutions in December 2005 I have grown with the company and my initial appointment to Operations Director in February 2014 was one of the proudest moments in my career. Roy will be taking on many of the operational roles that I have been involved with and will continue to ‘make our customers lives easier’. Working with the team at Innova is always fun, busy and interesting and I am looking forward to forthcoming challenges within my new role.”

Similarly, Roy Bright has been with Innova for almost all of its journey and he has been a major cog in the Innova wheel. The company, staff and customers alike were all delighted, when, after a short break, Roy returned to Innova with more gusto than ever before.  Roy said of his recent directorship, “I returned to Innova Solutions in the February of this year, following a break to pursue acting and spend more time writing my novels.  And now, upon returning, having let the acting run its course (although the writing still continues in my spare time), it goes without saying, that to be invited onto the Board of Directors, is something I am thrilled with, and grateful to Glenn, Spencer and Linda for having the faith in me to take on the role.”

Innova Solutions Ltd has always had a fantastic Board of Directors who are dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic; with the addition of Roy Bright as Operations Director, the company’s management system is even stronger than before.  Spencer Kelly, Innova’s Sales Director said “Both Roy and Linda have a proven track record over the years of ‘getting the job done,‘ in a professional, efficient and reliable manner, which has made them invaluable to the business.  The fact that Roy has been welcomed onto the Board as Operations Director and Linda has taken on the role of Financial & Strategic Director allows us to push ahead with our plans for growth into the future.”

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