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News - Achieve Fast Bond with Ultra-High Clarity

Our NovaWeld SignFix 12 uses a bespoke blend of advanced acrylic polymers that provide a fast, Strongman Approved bond with ultra-high clarity. When the aesthetics of a job are of paramount importance, this two-component structural adhesive is the one you need due to its virtually invisible bond.

Compared to other two-part structural adhesives, our NovaWeld SignFix 12 has a greater shear strength, better impact resistance, longer lasting bonds and a clearer formulation. Ideal for high impact, high strength bonding of most signmaking materials; including metals, plastics, and composites.

Information on how to apply adhesives can be found here. Full cure and ultimate bond strength take up to 24 hours to achieve.

Please note: If you intend to bond different materials for exterior use (e.g. rimless letters) ensure you choose an adhesive that will compensate for differential expansion. Please call for advice.

NovaWeld SignFix 12 is a methyl methacrylate and should not be used without consulting the safety data sheets (MSDS), which contains full information regarding the use of this product, including Transport, Disposal, Toxicological, Exposure Controls, Accidental Release and First Aid measures essential to the safe use of this product.

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