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News - Safer, Brighter, Faster – New NovaGlow™ Photoluminescent Escape Route Demarkation Components from Innova Solutions…….


Photoluminescent Safety Way Guidance Systems (SWGS) or Emergency Egress Route Markers create a safer workspace and also demonstrate a duty of care to both your staff and customers if you have one in place.

In the event of a fire an ISO 16069 compliant Photoluminescent SWGS provides a clear and unambiguous exit route under emergency conditions for a SAFE ESCAPE.

There is a ‘best practice’ guide in operation throughout Europe (ISO 16069) for the installation of a safety way guidance or emergency egress system which you can download HERE.

As well as signage the system could comprise Low-Location Lighting Strips, Hazard Warning & Route Marking Tapes, Stair Markers & Nosings and Anti-Slip Floor-Marking Tapes & Die-Cut Shapes

We have added to our range to include some incredibly bright products going up to a blinding PSPA Class G and beyond! These products charge much faster from, either natural or artificial, light sources and glow not only brighter, but for much longer providing both safer emergency egress and also remaining in operation to aid Fire & Rescue Services to evacuate the building.

  1. Class D Self-Adhesive Photoluminescent Floor Markers with Directional Arrows
    1. Discs
    2. Rectangles
  1. Low Location Lighting Strips
    1. Self-Adhesive Rigid PVC Printed with bespoke design
    2. Non-Adhesive Aluminium Strips (thickness 1.4mm) available unprinted or printed with bespoke design
    3. Rigid PVC in Aluminium Profile (with top cap) Printed Running With Plus Directional Arrows
  1. Aluminium Stair Marking Range
    1. Self-Adhesive Edge ‘L’ Markers
    2. Non-Adhesive Step Nosing’s
    3. Self-Adhesive Handrail Marking Profiles
  1. Anti-Slip Photoluminescent Floor Marking Tapes that conform to both PSPA Class B for photoluminescence and BGR R11 for slip resistance.
  1. Photoluminescent & Retro-Reflective Drive Lane Markers
    1. (Cat’s Eyes) Screw & Bond Down
  1. Photoluminescent / Retro-Reflective Tape Non-Adhesive
    1. Sew-On


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