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News - The Trawden Show: Another Strong Performance with Innova Solutions

We know that our customers expect strongman performance – it’s why we’ve got Mark Felix, one of the world’s strongest men onboard as the face of our high strength structural bonding range – and it’s why have sponsored The Trawden Show Strongman Competition for the second year running.

Hosted at The Trawden Show by Harwood Gym on Sunday 14th August, competitors came from far and wide to pit their strength against some tough challenges, including The Deadlift and Overhead Log Press.

INN Trawden Strongman 2016 02

With some seriously impressive displays of strength and grit, it was Tom Linklater who took the prize for the main competition, while Bradley Cretten took the top spot of the novices.

INN Trawden Strongman 2016 01

Earlier this year, we ran the Innova Solution Strongman Competition, whereby we pitched Mark Felix against our sales director, Spencer, and our high strength range of products. Have a look to see what happened.


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