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News - Innova Solutions: Officially Strongman Approved!

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We’ve teased you recently about the release of our new high strength campaign and the mystery man behind it, but we can officially announce that Mark Felix, 10-time World’s Strongest Man competitor, will be the face of Innova Solutions’ high strength structural bonding range. Mark was a natural choice as he has held the Rolling Thunder world record since 2008, as a result, he is regarded as having the world’s strongest grip. Innova Solutions’ structural adhesives and bonding tapes have been formulated to offer the same level of outstanding grip strength and holding power. They’ve been specifically designed to secure heavy fittings, with a rapid application time and resist adverse weather conditions.

To celebrate teaming up with Mark Felix, we’ve got a number of special offers just for you:

  • FREE shipping on orders over £150 (UK only)
  • 10% discount when you order a high strength product that you’ve never tried before
  • FREE tin of extra strong mints with every order placed through July

You can shop our high strength ranges at structural adhesives and bonding tapes.

Our customers expect strongman performance, that’s why we brought Mark Felix onboard. We don’t just claim to have strongman performance though, we’re willing to test our products against someone as strong as Mark. That’s why we came up with The Innova Solution Strongman Competition, we pitted Mark against our sales director, Spencer, and our high strength range of products. You can see exactly what happened below:

Mark may have beaten Spencer but even someone as strong as Mark Felix wasn’t a match for our structural bonding range. Officially Strongman Approved!

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