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These unique adhesives are dichloromethane-free acrylic glues, which fuses plastic surfaces together as it dries. It creates a strong, long lasting bond, that’s ideal for bonding cast acrylics, due to its clear formulation. These adhesives are perfect for edge bonding and butt joints.

  • Formulated for cast acrylic (eg Perspex) indoor applications
  • Used to bond plastic fixtures where strength is as essential as visual appeal
  • Quick and easy plastic bonding
  • Not for structural or outdoor applications. (NovaWeld)


These 2-Part adhesives are capable of high impact, high strength bonding of most metals, plastics and composite materials. The SignFix 12 is particularly suited to clear acrylics where you need a virtually invisible bond to enhance the appeal of your finished product.

  • Greater shear, peel and tensile strength for stronger performance under stress
  • Impact resistance
  • Long lasting bonds
  • Clear formulation for a sharper finish


These unique single part adhesives look and act like water. It creates an invisible finish that’s ideal for polycarbonates. It’s easy to apply, even over large surface areas, and it cures in seconds under white or UV light.

  • Laminating sheets and flat shapes
  • Exterior applications (seal edges of the bond line with NovaSeal SignFix 2 Clear)


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NovaSol 1200NC – Dichloromethane Free Acrylic Glue

Innova Solutions Ltd

NovaWeld SignFix 12 – Clear 2-Part Acrylic Glue

Innova Solutions Ltd

NovaLite SignFix 10 – Clear UV Curable Adhesive

Innova Solutions Ltd


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