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News - New Cleaning and Priming Options

The importance of cleaning and priming surfaces cannot be stated enough to assure the best results using NovaBond High Strength Bonding Tapes.

Bond strength can be increased by as much as 30% by increasing the area of surface contact in stripping away any oil, grease or any other contaminants that are detrimental to accepting adhesives.

If the surface is excessively soiled, wash with a detergent solution and dry thoroughly before proceeding….we always recommend abrading wherever possible to ‘key’ both surfaces – tooling up for this will preserve the aesthetics of the sign where it is an important consideration.

Innova Solutions offer a range of Cleaners, Adhesive/Grease Removers and Primer to enhance your bonds……..

Surface cleaner 500px

Novabond Surface Cleaner 

Getting the best from your high strength bonding tapes and adhesives starts with a clean surface. Traditional spirit-based cleaners are slow to evaporate, leaving a residue, but with NovaBond Surface Cleaner, all that’s left is a surface that’s ready to stick. Oil, grease and dirt are the enemies of adhesives. The cleaner your surface, the better the bond strength. NovaBond Surface Cleaner has been specifically formulated for use with our high strength bonding tapes, though you’ll find it’s compatible with most advanced acrylic adhesives and adhesive tapes. You need no specialist equipment to apply, it’s fast acting and easy to use and makes it an excellent glass cleaner too.






NovaBond AGC Adhesive & Grease Cleaner 500pxNovaBond AGC – Adhesive & Grease Cleaner

a professional strength, safe solvent cleaner in a tough trigger spray for removing oils, greases, adhesives, silicone, lubricants, wax, rubber marks and tar from; sign-making components, metal, glass, plastics and painted wood. Also good for cleaning  workshop tools and cutting machinery. Non-flammable and featuring an ‘easy trigger spray’, will break down: Adhesives & silicone, Grease & tar, Gum & wax, Wet paint, Oil & rubber marks/scuffs etc.







NovaBond ARC 500pxNovaBond ARC – Adhesive Remover & Cleaner

a food grade, clear/colourless bio-based oil combined with cleansing alcohol and a mild, slow evaporating solvent, which cleans and protects. It dissolves adhesive, grease, tar & gum removing them cleanly from surfaces leaving a protective film that can be removed with a mild detergent solution if necessary. It also protects against further adhesive bonding / residues and repels moisture. Ideal for cleaning stainless steel surfaces, leaving them clean and with a protective light film of oil. It will clean and protect workshop tools and cutting machinery resisting further adhesive build-up. Supplied in liquid format with a 750ml Trigger Spray for manual application on a lint-free cloth, or for the use of ‘dipping’.






Multi Surface Primer Oct 2015 500pxNovaBond Multi Surface Primer

specifically designed for single process cleaning to promote adhesion of NovaBond HS bonding tapes. It dramatically enhances bond strength with the NovaBond SignFix range of high strength bonding tapes although it is compatible with most technologically advanced acrylic adhesives. Ideal for surfaces such as; plastics, metal and painted metal surfaces, powder coats, galvanised and chrome plated steel, concrete, wood & glass. Requiring no specialist application equipment it is fast acting and easy to use, NovaBond Multi Surface primer chemically alters the substrate surface to increase surface energy making it more receptive to adhesive bonding and resulting in much higher bond strength and temperature resistance. Suited to industrial uses such as; Automotive as a vinyl wrap promoter, solar & window films, Auto foil, 3D Carbon fibre film, Car Trim, EPDM seal strip


Please contact Michael or Sam to discuss your surface preparation requirements on +44 (0)1282 867 390 or at enquiries@innovasolutions.co.uk for further information.

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