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News - Installing Glow in the Dark Egress Routes

Installing Glow in the Dark Egress Routes

Photoluminescent or ‘glow in the dark’ egress markings are an effective way to complement your existing emergency lighting systems and enhance the safety for people, property or transportation alike.

Jessup Glo-Brite® egress tapes are easy to install and offer a foolproof, low cost and environmentally friendly system with zero running costs, requiring no power other than the existing ambient lighting conditions to charge them.

Here’s a simple glow in the dark egress route installed in a photographic studio……

Watch the two videos below to see how they perform in ‘Blackout’ and ‘Smoke filled’ conditions:



Smoke Filled

Formats of material available

Supplied as:

  • Rigid sheets @ 1.2mm gauge,
  • Self adhesive
    • logs,
    • small plain and printed rolls or
    • sheets
  • Rolls of adhesive photoluminescent laminate, for use when backing up clear acrylics


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Check out the link…….Ten Point Plan’……..for our best practice guide for installing a safety was guidance system


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